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Humboldt County Library

Memorial Tree

The Humboldt County Library Board of Trustees invite your contributions to the LIBRARY MEMORIAL TREE given in memory of Hazel Penrose and donated by the Friends of the Library.

The TREE is an original wood sculpture by Anthony La Morte constructed from redwood that built the old Carlin Railroad tunnel. The TREE is located on the main floor of the library and allows appropriate memorial gifts for friends and family. Each person's name will be inscribed on the TREE for whom a memorial gift has been received and each gift is tax deductible.

Send your donation with the name of the person you wish to recognize to:


85 East Fifth Street

Winnemucca, Nevada 89445

The family of the person to be inscribed will be notified of your gift by mail. Please include the address. You will also receive a "thank you" from the library.

A minimum donation of $50.00 per name.

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