Nevada Supreme Court Library



Requesting Tapes of Nevada Supreme Court Oral Arguments




          As a service to attorneys, litigants, and other interested parties, requests for tapes of Nevada Supreme

            Court oral arguments may be made on the day of the argument or thereafter. All Nevada Supreme Court

            oral arguments are audio taped.  These recordings are available for purchase.



            Copies of Nevada Supreme Court oral argument audio tapes may be ordered from the Court Recorder. Your

            request must be in writing, and the cost of each recorded case is $20.00 (regardless of the number of tapes). Same

            day service is usually possible. Checks should be made our to the Clerk of the Court. You may approach

            the recorder in the courtroom or write to:


                        Court Recorder

                        Nevada Supreme Court

                        201 S. Carson Street

                        Carson City, Nevada 89701


            Along with your check, please include the name of the case, the case number if you have it, the on which

            the argument  was heard, and the address to which you would like the tape sent.



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