Nevada “One Click Away” project awarded $808,000.00 in federal stimulus funds for public computing centers



The Nevada “One Click Away” project provides Nevadans with enhanced access to online information and resources critical to their individual success and Nevada’s economic recovery.  The project is a partnership of the Nevada State Library and Archives, Cooperative Libraries Automated Network, Carson City Library, and Henderson District Public Libraries


The Cooperative Libraries Automated Network (CLAN) will receive $191, 115.00 of the

$808, 000.00 awarded for the “One Click Away” project and will replace over 80 public access computers and add 68 new public access computers in member libraries.  Nevadans will have free use of over 370 computers throughout the CLAN libraries connecting them to all online available resources.


The CLAN members benefiting from the award include Beatty Library District, Carson City Library, Churchill County Library, Elko-Lander-Eureka County Libraries, Esmeralda County Libraries, Humboldt County Library, Lincoln County Library, Lyon County Libraries, Mineral County Libraries, Nevada State Library & Archives, Pershing County Library, Storey County Library, Tonopah District Library, and White Pine County Library.     


The offices of CLAN are located at 100 N. Stewart Street in Carson City at the Nevada State Library and Archives.  Cooperative Libraries Automated Network (CLAN) has been Gathering and Sharing Information….past, present, and future since 1981.