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Mining Boom and Bust

Mining in Nevada was often characterized by boom and bust economics.  The terms often used in the 19th century were "Boom" and "Borrasca."  Boom meant that the mines were producing, miners were working, mine owners were getting rich, and towns were springing up in places where only rocks and natural vegetation had existed a few years before.  Borrasca referred to the end of the mining boom, when the mines played out, people and businesses moved on to the next big strike, and the landscape gradually reclaimed the towns.

The mining town of Candelaria is an example of boom to borrasca. Silver ore was located in 1864, and year later the town boasted 19 businesses.  The mines of the area produced millions of dollars in silver and other precious metals, but by about 1891 the mines played out and the town hit borrasca.  The people moved away, and now only ruins remain.  Some towns were very short-lived, and boomed for only a few months, then faded away.

Photo Credit:
Nevada State Museum