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Accommodations at the Constitutional Convention

The First Territorial Legislature was held at Abraham Curry's Warm Springs Hotel in 1861.  The hotel was located about 1-1/2 miles east of Carson City where the State Prison now stands.  Curry provided a rent free room, but the accommodations were not necessarily deluxe.  The legislators met in a room that was divided by a canvas partition.  The sawdust on the floor was both carpet and spittoon for the tobacco chewing legislators.  Transportation for the legislators was provided by a horse-drawn streetcar on wooden rails.  Mark Twain commented on Curry's generosity, and noted, "But for him the legislature would have been obliged to sit in the desert."  That might literally have happened.  Curry was not the only generous contributer: Hannah Clapp and Margaret Ormsby collected chairs for the legislators.

Photo Credit:
Nevada Historical Society