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The Landscape
World War II & Post-War

Bases in the desert

A number of military installations were established in Nevada during World War II. There were several reasons for choosing Nevada: the state was located inland, flying weather was generally good, and there were miles of relatively unpopulated and federally owned land.

A number of bases were created including those at Wendover and Tonopah, where bomber pilots and crews were trained. The Reno Army Air Base trained cargo-plane crews. An army air base was established in Fallon, but became part of the navy within a few years. The Fallon Naval Air Station is currently in operation. The Las Vegas Army Gunnery School was conducted five week training classes. Trying to keep up with wartime demand, five groups trained simultaneously, and a class graduated every week. The Las Vegas installation is still operating as Nellis Air Force Base.

Photo Credit:
Nevada Historical Society