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I was also Chair of the Commission on Economic Development as well as Chair of the Commission on Tourism.  Tourism is important to the economy of Nevada, and I worked to promote good working relations between Nevada and the motion picture industry.  When movies are filmed in this state, the movie production companies spend money in Nevada, providing a big boost to the economy.

In 1990, just one day before the primary, on Labor Day, I was traveling on a small plane that crashed in Fallon, Nevada.  I was very seriously injured in the accident.  I broke my back and neck and was in a body cast for a long time and was paralyzed.  I could not campaign, but was elected lieutenant governor in November.  I served that four-year term but could not run again because of the injuries Id suffered.  I now teach classes in Political Science at UNR, and am a member of the Nevada Gaming Commission, which regulates the gambling industry.

We now have another elected woman Lt. Governor but I look forward to the day when the people of Nevada elect a woman as governor.

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