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Early Life

My name is Sue Wagner, and I was the Lieutenant Governor of Nevada for one term, from 1990 until 1994.  I was born in Portland, Maine in 1940.  Both of my parents had a college education, and that was a bit unusual at the time.  My father was a pharmacist, and my mother had trained to be a concert pianist.  When I was ten, my family moved west, to Tucson, Arizona.

I graduated from high school in Tucson, and stayed there to attend the University of Arizona.  I majored in Political Science and continued my education with a Masterís degree in Political Science at Northwestern University, just outside Chicago.  I went back to Tucson, where I met and married my husband, and also taught high school. After my husband completed his Ph.D program in electrical engineering, we moved to Reno in 1969 where my husband began working for the Desert Research Institute.

Photo Credit:
Nevada State Library and Archives