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Women in Politics

Once women gained political rights in Nevada in 1914, they made great strides in the political domain.  The first woman to run for state legislature was Jean Dwyer in 1916.  Dwyer did not win her bid for office, and no woman served in the legislature until Sadie Hurst became the first woman elected to the Assembly in 1918.  Other women followed, like Mary Rose, who represented Humboldt County in the Assembly in the 1925 legislative session.

Women have won important political offices in recent decades.  A total of 42 women were elected to the legislature between 1916 and 1981.  Between the years 1981 and 1995, however, 35 women have been elected.  Only one county, Douglas County, has not elected a woman to the legislature.  Women have also served as four of the six constitutional officers: lieutenant governor, attorney general, treasurer, and secretary of state.  Women have been slower to gain seats in the judiciary, but were eventually successful with election to the Supreme Court, beginning with Miriam Shearing from Clark County in 1992.

Photo Credit:
Humboldt County Museum