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Robert Frank List was governor of Nevada from 1979 to 1983.  He came to Nevada from California to practice law in Carson City.  He was born in Visalia on September 1, 1936 and raised in Exeter.  Before becoming governor, he served as the Carson City District Attorney and the State Attorney General.  He now practices law in Reno.
"Commission on the Future of Nevada," Robert List, 1979

I have already addressed the fact that Nevada and its economy is perhaps the fastest growing in America.

As responsible and concerned citizens, we face the task of deciding how to handle this situation, and what direction we want to see our State take.

I cannot help but ask myself, as I watch my children walk to school or ride their bicycles in the neighborhood, just what will Nevada be like for them?

The time has come for us to aggressively address that question. Where do we want Nevada to be 10, 20, or 30 years from today?

If we are to avoid chaos, there must be a statewide concerted effort to effectively deal with growth rather than simply react to the results produced by it. In effect, we must have a process which will funnel all of the ingredients available through a system where they can be tested in terms of the future policies and priorities of our people.

The Commission on the Future of Nevada that I submit for Legislative consideration offers a mechanism which, with the cooperation and support of everyone involved, will bring about specific results to help us achieve more orderly growth.

Wise land use policies, effective use of natural resources, sufficient highway and transportation facilities, adequate public services and acceptable social conditions including housing, education and health care - all are areas which this program will address. The work of this Commission, with the approval of the Legislature, will recommend to the Governor and to the lawmakers specific strategies for the implementation of measures which will move Nevada toward its desired objectives.

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