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O'Callahan: Protecting our Children

"Mike" O'Callahan was born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin on September 10, 1929.  He came to Nevada in 1956 to teach in Henderson and worked in public administration for local, state and federal governments before becoming Governor in 1971.  He served two terms and is currently an executive with a Las Vegas newspaper.
"Protecting Our Children," Mike O'Callaghan, 1973

The use of narcotics and drugs has reached epidemic proportions in the cities of America.
We are confronted by a crisis that threatens to overwhelm law enforcement and destroy the fabric of society.

We have acted upon the problem in the past. It is clearly evident that a great deal more must be done --and now.

Failure to act will not necessarily jeopardize the generation represented by those in attendance tonight.
But failure to act will surely imperil another generation - our children.

As a parent, I would gladly exchange my own well-being for the mental and physical health of my children. So would we all.

We do not have that choice. The affection we feel for our children, our aspirations and dreams for their future, will not solve the monstrous problem of drug abuse.

It will be solved only if we commit ourselves - and our resources - to an aggressive and wide-ranging attack on every deadly area of narcotics and drug addiction.

This program I present to you tonight would strike from three directions education, rehabilitation and enforcement.  I respectfully commend it to you as a matter of priority consideration.

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Nevada State Library and Archives