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Tonopah, Stead

In response to the military buildup during WWII, military bases were built around Nevada, to train men and women for wartime duties.  A base was built at Tonopah and provided training for bomber pilots and crews.  The Tonopah Army Air Base continued operations for a few years after the end of the war, finally closing in 1948.

The Reno Army Air Base, located at Stead, trained cargo-plane crews.  The base published a newspaper during the war.  In this edition, in November 1944, the soldiers were preparing to celebrate the end of the last world war with an Armistice Day parade.  Reno Army Air Base was used for the National Guard after the war, then fully reactivated during the Korean conflict, when it was renamed Stead Air Force Base.  Beginning in 1958 a Helicopter Pilot School trained pilots, and Stead also offered a rigorous survival training program.  The base closed in 1966.

Photo Credit:
Nevada State Library and Archives