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Nevada Government & Politics
Early 20th Century

George Wingfield

George Wingfield was Nevada's most powerful economic and political figure during the period from 1909 to 1932.  He amassed a personal fortune estimated to be worth as much as 25 million dollars in the early 20th century mining booms at Tonopah and Goldfield.  After moving to Reno in 1908 he was active in Republican politics, banking, ranching, and hotel-keeping in addition to mining.  Among those who made fortunes in Nevada mines, Wingfield was unique in that he remained in the state with his money.  Most of that money and power was lost during the Great Depression when his banks collapsed.  Wingfield had built a second, although smaller fortune by the end of WWII, but he never regained political power.  Wingfield died on Christmas evening, 1959.

Photo Credit:
Nevada Historical Society