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"That same summer[, in 1865,] another of my men was killed on the reservation.  His name was Truckee John.  He was an uncle of mine, and was killed by a man named Flamens, who claimed to have had a brother killed in the war of 1860, but of course that had nothing to do with my uncle.  About two weeks after this, two white men were killed over at Walker Lake by some of my people, and of course soldiers were sent for from California, and a great many companies came.  They went after my people all over Nevada.  Reports were made everywhere throughout the whole country by the white settlers, that the red devils were killing their cattle, and by this lying of the white settlers the trail began which is marked by the blood of my people from hill to hill and from valley to valley.  The soldiers followed after my people in this way for one year, and the Queen's River Piutes were brought into Fort Churchill, Nevada, and in that campaign poor General McDermit was killed.  These reports were only made by those white settlers so that they could sell their grain, which they could not get rid of in any other way.  The only way the cattle-men and farmers get to make money is to start an Indian war, so that the troops may come and buy their beef, cattle, horses, and grain.  The settlers get fat by it."
Reader: Alexandra Voorhees

Photo Credit:
Nevada Historical Society