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The Indians are Starving

"The poverty I saw last fall amongst the 'Sho-sho-ne' nation, is not a circumstance compared with this winter, and the sufferings and destitute conditions of the poor 'Pah-ute' and 'Wa-sho'.  The snow in the valleys here now averages six inches deep.  The only shelter these poor houseless wanderers have is to lay about in the artemisia or sage brush; and their sole dependence for subsistence this winter is a little 'grass seed'.  The rivers are frozen over, which prevents them from fishing, and the 'pine nuts', another of their main dependences for food, have failed.  There is scarcely an hour that passes in a day but what brings some sad picture of wretchedness to my door begging for a sufficiency to sustain life.  A few days ago a 'Wa-sho' died from actual starvation and exposure in the vicinity of 'Lake Bigler', which is situated in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  And another was found dead at the base of these mountains yesterday, from the same cause."
Reader: Bob Nylen

Photo Credit:
Nevada State Museum