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Living Conditions along the Humbolt

"It is a well known fact, that the loss of life on the Humboldt river for years past both to the whites and Indians has been most lamentable.  The Humboldt Indians see by the experience of other tribes that roads are the harbingers of civilization.  All they ask is something to eat.  And here lies the true secret of most of the Indian depredations upon this great line of travel.  the encroachments of the migrant have driven away the game upon which they depend for a subsistence.  They cannot hunt upon the territories of neighboring tribes, except at the risk of their lives.  They must, therefore, steal or starve.  Every few miles, too, on this great thoroughfare, both on the Humboldt and Carson rivers, can be found a whisky shop, the proprietors of which have the presumption to call 'trading post'"  Some of these inhuman vendors of poisonous liquor to the poor ignorant Indian, will take the last 'badger or rabbit' skin from him."
Reader: Bob Nylen

Photo Credit:
Nevada State Museum