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Frederick Dodge, Indian Agent

Frederick Dodge was an Indian agent assigned to the western part of the Utah Territory, the part that would become Nevada.  In 1860 he submitted an annual report to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs.  The report contains a great deal of information about the native people and their living conditions, as well as Dodge's assessment of the ability of the various tribes to adapt to changed living conditions.  For example, he thought the Paiutes would make good farmers.  And he sincerely believed that Native Americans would have a much better life if they lived on reservations.

Dodge was very concerned by the poverty and starvation that he had witnessed.  He shared his concerns, and much of what he considered the source of the problem, with the Commissioner in his report.  Dodge even wrote a poem about the dire circumstances of the native people.

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Reader: Bob Nylen

Photo Credit:
Nevada State Museum