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Native American Issues

Relations between the Native Americans and Euro-Americans in Nevada were generally peaceful.  The native groups that inhabited this region were not war-like people. The lack of constant battle, however, does not mean that there was no conflict or that natives were not harmed or mistreated.  The lifeways of Native Americans were significantly disrupted, traditional hunting, gathering, and fishing territories were taken over by settlers.  Natives died from disease introduced by newcomers, and they died from starvation when they could not hunt and fish.  Treaties made by the federal government were often unfair and frequently ignored by Euro-American settlers.  Living conditions on reservations were abysmal.

Conflict could be violent and bloody, as in the Pyramid Lake War.  But people from both sides tried to improve the living conditions for Native Americans.  Most realized that the traditional native lifeway was gone forever, but some tried to make the transition to a new way of life less harsh and more fair and manageable.

Photo Credit:
Nevada Historical Society