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Military Presence

The military has been a significant part of Nevada's past and its present.  Representatives of the United States military were members of early Euro-American exploration expeditions in the land that would become Nevada.  John C. Fremont, who led an expedition into the Great Basin in 1843-4, was a lieutenant in the United States Army.  In 1853, Lieutenant Edward Beckwith took command of a survey expedition when the group's leader, Captain John Gunnison, was killed by Indians near Delta, Utah.  Two artillery companies crossed northern Nevada in 1855.

Soldiers and the military were among the earliest Euro-American travelers in Nevada, but the expeditions that surveyed and mapped the territory passed through the state.  They did not settle in Nevada, living and working in the territory and state as did later soldiers who came west and established the forts, such as Fort Homestead in Storey County, that proclaimed the military presence in Nevada.

Reader: Terry Sullivan

Photo Credit:
Nevada State Library and Archives