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19th Century Politicians

The governors and politicians of 19th century Nevada, as with those in most other states in the nation, were a diverse group.  Obviously, some public officials were more competent than others.  And, just as obviously, some were more honest than others.  Many were colorful figures who left their mark on the Silver State.  After statehood Nevada sometimes flourished and sometimes simply survived the storms of politics and economics.

Nevada State Senate, 1897 - 1897

1897 Nevada State Senate standing in front of the Nevada State Capitol building, Carson City, NV. The photograph includes Reinhold Sadler, the Lieutenant-Governor and Acting Governor of Nevada in 1897 and the President of the State Senate. He was Acting Governor until 1899, and then Governor of Nevada from 1899 to 1903. Also pictured are employees of the session: T.J. Osborne, Secretary, A.J. Maestretti, Assistant Secretary, P.S. Corbett, Sergeant-At-Arms, Ida Laveaga, Minute Clerk, F.S. Wilson, Journal Clerk, Frank Paul, Engrossing Clerk, Adah Averill, Enrolling Clerk, Bessie Stuart, Copying Clerk, F.H. Harmon, Committee Clerk, B. McCann, Messenger, Peter Lopez, Ormsby, Richard Savage, Porter. Legislative Collection. Location: Nevada State Library and Archives, Carson City, NV

Photo Credits:
Nevada State Library and Archives