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A Growing Carson City

"Carson City (Nevada Territory), Monday, November 10, 1862

One year has wrought wonderful changes in this city.  It is as if two Carsons had sprung up where was only one before, for the city has literally doubled.  It is now a three year old city--still a tender infant as to age--and it has multiplied itself by two every year since it was born.  At the same ratio of increase by the time it attains to what are called years of discretion, it will be so large that the desert known as Eagle Valley will be too small to hold it.

"The members of the Legislature have nearly or quite all arrived, and the hotels are well filled.  The number of office seekers and lobbyers of all kinds is very great, and the amount of button-holing, caucusing, and arranging, done in bar-rooms, on the street corners, and elsewhere is dreadful to reflect upon.  What the Legislature will do nobody knows, and until the Governor's message is made public, it will be hard to say what it is expected to do.  There are indications, however, that an attempt will be made at a universal raising of salaries . . ."

Reader: Assemblyman Lynn Hettrick

Photo Credit:
Nevada State Library and Archives