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The Capitol That Is To Be

Andrew Marsh, an early visitor to Carson City, commented on the new city, then visited a year later and noted the changes made over a short period of time.

"We reached Carson City rather late in the afternoon, and I found the little seven by nine settlement already so well filled up with legislators and candidates for office that it was very difficult to obtain hotel accommodations.  The jolly and portly Governor Nye was in his office, located in a remote corner of the city, still hard at work upon his message.  Today I visited the Capitol that is to be.  It is located in the upper story of a lonely stone building, nearly two miles east of Carson City and on the opposite side of the narrow alkali plain on which the city is built.  A horse railroad will take the 'assembled wisdom' from the city to the Capitol . . . .  the members will have one advantage over and above all other members of all other Legislatures:  The Capitol stands by the side of some copious and wonderful hot springs, the bubbling waters of which have been dammed up by stone walls, constituting the foundations of a large bath house, and the legislators can enjoy a warm bath at any time and go to their duties with 'clean hands'."

Reader:  Assemblyman Lynn Hettrick

Photo Credit:
Nevada State Library and Archives