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Relations with Utah

In the winter of 1854 dissatisfaction with a squatter's government that had been formed in 1851 split the Carson Valley community.  John Reese returned from Salt Lake City with news that the Utah Legislature was going to create Carson County and assign a probate judge to the region.  Hearing this news one group hired a California attorney to draft a new Constitution, another petitioned California for annexation, and a third held their own elections and petitioned Governor Brigham Young to ratify its results.

Governor Young and the Utah Legislature responded by establishing Mormon control over the western part of the territory, created Carson County in January 1854, and appointed Orson Hyde as probate judge to organize the county.  Orson Hyde was one of the twelve apostles in the church hierarchy.  Hyde described the people as follows:

"[They are] much divided in their views and feelings.  Some are willing to come under Utah, others claim they live in California, while some want a distinct Territorial Government."

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Nevada Historical Society