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Virginia City, founded after the gold and silver strike in 1859 was a rich, busy and sophisticated city.  The immigrant population, dominated by single men, demanded a variety of saloons to entertain them.  At its height Virginia City boasted 100 saloons.  Piper's Old Corner Saloon, at the corner of B and Union Streets, was a mid-range saloon.  It thrived from 1861 to 1883.

Other mining towns in the 1800s provided saloons for entertainment.  Miners in boom towns were often not particular about where they drank, and bartenders set up business in tents and shacks.  When the gold and silver ran out, and the miners and townspeople moved on, the town disappeared.  Sometimes only the shell of what had been a rowdy and noisy saloon, like the Cosmopolitan Saloon, is left to slowly decay in the snow of the ghost town of Belmont.

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Nevada Commission on Tourism