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Restaurants and Hotels

Hotels and restaurants were a part of everyday life in 19th century Nevada.  Even small towns generally provided places to eat and to sleep.  Travelers, of course, used such facilities, but local residents also ate in restaurants and some people lived in hotels, especially single men.  The Star Hotel in Elko provided meals and rooms for many of the Basque sheepherders when they weren't out on the range with their sheep herd.

The advertisement for the Depot Hotel in Reno in 1878 pointed out the convenience of the hotel for the traveler, "This house is situated beside the railroad track, and it is but a step from the building to the cars of the C.P.R.R. on one side and those of the V. & T.R.R. on the other".  The hotel also offered a "square meal", with such delicacies as oysters "in every style", crabs, clams, and pigs' feet.  The Pollard House, across the street from the Depot, offered board with lodging for $8 per week.  The traveler who needed only a night's rest could rent a room for $1.50 and $2.00.

Photo Credits:
1: Northeast Nevada Museum
2: Nevada State Library and Archives