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19th Century Life

If one could travel back in time and be transported to various sites in Nevada in the late 19th century, one would find a world both familiar and strange.  The landscape, certainly in the sparsely populated areas, would be familiar.  Las Vegas would be a dusty little settlement.  Virginia City would be a large, sophisticated urban center.  Some towns that no longer exist would be busy, booming population centers.  Some of the people would be dressed very differently (the women), and some would not look all that different (cowboys and miners).  The food in restaurants would probably be familiar.  Roads would be rough, and horses and wagons would be the standard form of transportation.  If you've been to a railroad museum the trains might look the same.

In short, your trip back to the 19th century might be a visit to a world you recognize as well as a world of unfamiliar wonders.  But the people, even though they dressed differently, and might speak in unfamiliar accents or even languages would be going about the business of life in much the same way we do today.

Photo Credit:
Nevada State Museum