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Educational Inadequacies for Black Children

In 1870, Superintendent Fisher, who was also a Methodist minister, wrote briefly about the problems African-American children faced to obtain an education.  His report informed the Legislature:
"From the returns of Census Marshals it appears that there are thirty negro children of school age in the State.
For these no educational provision is made.  They are denied admission to the Public Schools; separate schools are permitted under the law, but as they are not commanded, colored children are without educational privileges.  Believing that it is not the intention of our State Government to be guilty of the injustice of taxing colored citizens for the support of Public Schools, and at the same time denying them the benefit of these schools, I beg to call attention to the fact, that our statutes are at present chargeable with this unworthy discrimination."
Reader: Senator Joe Neal

Photo Credits:
1: Nevada State Museum
2: Nevada State Library and Archives