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Russians Come for Variety of Reasons (English)

My name is Olga Masevich.  I live in Khabarovsk which is in eastern Russia, near China.  In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, some of my countrymen emigrated to the United States, and some came to Nevada.  They did not come in great numbers.  In Hamilton, Nevada in 1870 there were 3913 residents living there.  There were many foreign born people in Hamilton but only 7 were Russian.

Russians came to Nevada for many reasons.  Some wanted to find work as miners, and some were merchants who established businesses. Some came to be farmers.  In 1915, the following article appeared in the Elko Free Press:


"A man representing German-Russian farmers now living in Michigan arrived from there last week.  He was sent by his people to look for a suitable location and has been all through California and western Nevada.  He says Elko County suits him better than any other place he has seen.  This colony has an opportunity to sell its Michigan farms at a good figure and will come here and buy land."

Reader: Olga Masevich

Photo Credit:
Northeastern Nevada Museum