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Q: What agricultural community is the oldest town in eastern Nevada?

A: The farming town of Panaca is the oldest, founded by Mormon settlers in 1864.  While the presence of silver -- the name Panaca derives from the Paiute word for silver -- first attracted the Mormons to the area, the town's longevity is due to its farming.  In the 1870s, Panaca produced much of the wood and food for the nearby mining boomtown of Pioche.

Q: What short-lived Nevada mining town's economy was based on marble rather than gold and silver?

A: The camp of Carrara, named for the famed Italian marble district, was founded in 1911 to develop significant marble deposits discovered in a canyon northeast of Beatty.  The marble's quality, however, was marginal and the town disappeared by the 1930s.

Q: What was the first high-rise hotel-casino built in Las Vegas?

A: The Apache, which opened on Second and Fremont streets in 1932, was called the first high-rise in the city, standing three stories, with 100 rooms.  It boasted the first elevator in Las Vegas.  The first modern high-rise was the nine-story Riviera Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, constructed in 1955.

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