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Q: Who was the first woman elected mayor of Las Vegas?

A: In 1990, Jan Laverty Jones was elected the first female mayor of the state's largest city.

Q: What was the first high-rise hotel-casino built in Las Vegas?

A: The Apache, which opened on Second and Fremont streets in 1932, was called the first high-rise in the city, standing three stories, with 100 rooms.  It boasted the first elevator in Las Vegas.  The first modern high-rise was the nine-story Riviera Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, constructed in 1955.

Q: What event in the early 1860s was variously described as the Roop County War, the War of Injunctions and the Sagebrush War?

A: The so-called war was a dispute that erupted in 1863 between California and the Nevada Territory over the boundary line between the states.  The matter was finally resolved when both agreed to a joint boundary survey which was accepted by the California legislature on April 4, 1864, and the Nevada Legislature on February 7, 1865.

Q: What was the first municipal streetcar system in Nevada?

A: The Reno Traction Company built a fixed rail streetcar system in Reno in 1904.  The line operated until 1927, when it was replaced by buses.

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