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What Do You Know?

Q: What event in the early 1860s was variously described as the Roop County War, the War of Injunctions and the Sagebrush War?

A: The so-called war was a dispute that erupted in 1863 between California and the Nevada Territory over the boundary line between the states.  The matter was finally resolved when both agreed to a joint boundary survey which was accepted by the California legislature on April 4, 1864, and the Nevada Legislature on February 7, 1865.

Q: What unusual phenomenon in the Pahranagat Valley did 19th century western writer Dan De Quille make famous?

A: De Quille wrote a mock serious article about the famous rolling rocks of Pahranagat.  According to De Quille, the earth’s magnetic field would cause huge boulders to roll down to the valley floor, then, depending on the time of day, to roll back up the valley’s sides.  The article attracted national attention -- showman P.T. Barnum offered to pay to have the rocks perform in his circus -- before De Quille admitted it was a hoax.

Q: What Nevada mining town was originally named Grandpa?

A: Goldfield was originally called Grandpa because the gold strike made there was thought to be so big it was the granddaddy of all mining discoveries.

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