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"Those who have maligned me have not known me.  It is true that my people sometimes distrust me, but that is because words have been put into my mouth which have turned out to be nothing but idle wind.  Promises have been made to me in high places that have not been kept, and I have had to suffer for this in the loss of my people's confidence.  I have not spoken ill of others behind their backs and said fair words to their faces.  I have been sincere with my own people when they have done wrong, as well as with my white brothers.  Alas, how truly our women prophesied when they told my dear old grandfather that his white brothers, whom he loved so much, had brought sorrow to his people.  Their hearts told them the truth.  My people are ignorant of worldly knowledge, but they know what love means and what truth means.  They have seen their dear ones perish around them because their white brothers have given them neither love nor truth.  Are not love and truth better than learning?  My people have no learning.  They do not know anything about the history of the world, but they can see the Spirit-Father in everything.  The beautiful world talks to them of their Spirit-Father.  They are innocent and simple, but they are brave and will not be imposed upon.  They are patient, but they know black is not white."
Reader: Alex Voorhees

Photo Credits:
Nevada Historical Society