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Sarah Winnemucca

Sarah Winnemucca has been an important, but often controversial, figure in Nevada.  Sarah, who was self-educated, acted as a mediator between her people and the Euro-American settlers. In dramatic lectures around the country, she spoke out against the injustices endured by the natives at the hands of dishonest reservation agents.  During her first visit to Washington, D.C. she met with President Hayes, and petitioned the Interior Department to relieve the suffering of her people.

In 1880, Sarah Winnemucca again traveled to Washington, D.C. with her brother and father to meet with the Secretary of the Interior on behalf of the Paiutes and other native bands.  Promises made to her and her people in meetings with Washington officials were not fulfilled.  Three years later she presented the injustices suffered by her people to a wider audience when she published Life Among the Piutes, Their Wrongs and Claims, which was edited by Mrs. Horace Mann.

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Nevada Historical Society