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Brave Johnny Bartholomew

One of the newspapers was so impressed with Johnny Batholomew's bravery and daring, that they published a poem praising his actions:
"The machine and all is in my hands,"
[Said] brave Johnny Bartholomew,
"So here goes, as the case now stands,
For I'm bound to roll'em through."

He jerked the lever, opened wide
The hissing throttle valve,
For he couldn't afford on such a ride
To do things up by halves.

They plunged right through that burning hell,
The Reno snorted "Keno!"
Says Johnny: "Old gal, you done it well,
And bravely, too as we know."

He wiped the cinders from his eye,
Looked back, when he could do it,
And said: "That may be good for high,
But I'm mighty glad we're through it."

Reader: Chris DeWitt

Photo Credit:
Nevada State Railroad Museum