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Fighting the Fire

The passenger cars were left at the Baltic Switch and a flat car was picked up and rushed to Gold Hill for the fire engine.  The engine was piled on the flat, along with plenty of hose and a large number of firemen and the train headed back down to the tunnel.  The Gold Hill fire engine was joined by Swift Engine Co.'s "Little Giant" steamer from Carson City and Virginia City's Young American Engine Co. No. 2.  According to the Carson City Daily Appeal:
"[The men] did all they could but nothing could check the fire, the draft through was so strong that the fire spread continuously--burning the roof and side timbers and worked rapidly south . . . and as the timber gave way it commenced to cave, and the heat was so intense, and the gas and smoke so terrible that men could not work. . . The tunnel has ceased to exist as a tunnel."

Reader: Chris DeWitt

Photo Credit:
Nevada State Railroad Museum