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Crashing through the Fiery Tunnel

The Gold Hill News reported what happened next:
"The Reno gave an angry snort and rushed through the fiery mass.  Johnny held fast to the lever, closed one eye, held his breath and tried to think of some prayer as he passed in his checks, for he imagined he could feel the hot rails bending like lead under the wheels, and both felt and heard the blazing timbers and other fallen obstructions on the track being dashed aside by the trusty cowcatcher.  The women passengers screamed, and even the stoutest-hearted men quivered with sudden fear as they dashed through the fierce, hot light, but in another instant the terrible gauntlet was passed and they safely slowed down in the cool, grey morning daylight beyond. . . They had rushed through so quickly that the paint on the passenger coaches was not even scorched."

Reader: Chris DeWitt

Photo Credit:
Nevada State Railroad Museum