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A Letter to Archie Stewart

Letter dated December 8, 1897, from Helen J. Stewart to her son, Archibald, who was being schooled in Los Angeles.
"My dear Archie

I hope you have been to see Miss Culverson and had quite a number of lessons by this time.  She likes you and is your friend.  Be a good boy and learn all you can.  Now is the time while you are a boy.  Because when you are a man, you will need learning to be a man and attend to business.  I will need your help badly.  So you must learn so you will know how to help.  Since I came home I have been looking with disgust on these ignorant poor fellows haven't a cent to their names and don't know enough to take care of themselves, let along taking care of anyone else.

Now be good to your sisters and do all you can to help.  Keep yourself neat and clean."

Reader: Carrie Townley Porter

Photo Credits:
Special Collections, University of Nevada Las Vegas Library